Our College website is our main way of keeping parents informed of what is happening in the life of our school. On our website, parents have access to the College calendar, upcoming events and our eNews feed. The site is updated weekly and we encourage all parents to check the site weekly.


The College uses a push notification app called Skoolbag as an extension to information on our website. This app is available for download to parents' personal iPhone, iPad or android device. Alerts are sent to advise of important upcoming events, reminders and changes to activities.


Letters to parents for excursions, camps and activities are sent home as required, detailing the schedule and other relevant consent information. Parents are to complete and return to the College by the requested due date.


Text messages will be sent to notify parents of absence and on occasion when there is a variation to routine.


The College has invested in a learning management platform, Firefly. This is an online means for students and teachers to easily and effectively distribute and access teaching and learning related materials i.e. class timetables, assignments, teaching programs and more.


The College operates a public Facebook page, as a means of communicating further information and showcasing College activities and events, and an alternative page in conjunction with the College P&F Association.