School commences at 8:30am for junior school and 8:20 am for senior school.  Please refer to the Back to School page for the daily schedule.  Parents and students are reminded that punctuality is of utmost importance. 


Late to College


Late students require a late slip from the office to be given to the class teacher. On arrival, students report to the College office. Students will be asked the reason for being late, and will be asked to sign in on the student register. 

Leave During The Day


Students leaving the College throughout the day are required to bring a signed note from parent/guardian explaining the reason for the absence and expected duration. This note is to be presented to the class or PC teacher who will complete an Early Departure form. Both the note and completed form are to be presented to the College office at the time of departure. Senior school students are to sign the student register and junior school parents are to sign out their child at the office. On return to the College, after the leave, students are to present to the College office again to sign the student register or parents to sign in their child and will be given a return slip to present to the class teacher. 


Feeling Sick


If a student is feeling unwell they are to report to the College office. Their parent or guardian will be contacted to arrange collection.  The student will remain in sickbay until they are collected. If a parent cannot be contacted, the student's condition will be monitored. Students are not to contact parents via mobile phones or iPads.