Fees & Payments

The Application Fee and Acceptance Fee are paid online as part of the Online Enrolment Form process.

Annual College Fees are billed per term, and will be sent to your nominated email address. 

We also recommend establishing a Direct Debit payment to ensure your fees are always up to date. Click the link below to access a Direct Debit Form or contact our Office Manager for further details.

2020 Fees

Fee Type Total
Application Fee
$50 per child (non refundable)
Enrolment Acceptance Fee
$200 per child (non refundable)
Senior College Annual Fee
$5280 per child
Junior College Annual Fee
$2690 per child
Supply of HP Laptop levy (Years 7-11)
$130 per term
Supply of Surface Go (Years 4-5)
$75 per term
Tech Levy (senior students)
$40 per term

Enrolment Cancellation

It is a condition of enrolment that a minimum of one terms’ notice from the date of receipt of the Notification of Transfer form is given for withdrawals. Failure to provide this notice, will result in one terms’ fee being invoiced to you. One terms’ notice is defined as the last day of the preceding term. Exceptions to this is at the discretion of the Principal. 

A Notification of Transfer form must be completed to initiate the cancellation of your child’s enrolment at the College.

Please contact the Enrolments Officer to discuss your intentions.