One to One Technology Program


Commencing in Year 4, families are to provide an iPad to support their child's learning. The iPad was chosen as the core technology as it provides access to anywhere, anytime learning at a cost well below that of a notebook or laptop.


The iPad is used as a research tool, an organising tool, an ebook reader or a creative tool. lt gives access to lnternet, email and many apps, tools, ebooks, digital text books, and resources. iPads are light and mobile. Students will use their iPad as a tool to support key processes in learning - accessing, organising, processing and publishing information, collaboration locally and globally, creativity, and communication. Teachers use them in an environment to facilitate deeper engagement in learning and higher order thinking.


iPads will be used to facilitate learning by allowing students to:


  • access, use, organise, create and publish digital and online information;
  • develop knowledge, understanding and skills through creativity, critical thinking and problem solving;
  • collaborate with peers and the wider community, and
  • communicate their knowledge and learning experiences.

Students will use the iPad to manage their work and learning.