The Arts

Mary MacKillop Catholic College provides all students with opportunities to participate in and enjoy self-expression through music, drama, visual art and dance. There is a strong focus on performance and display of talent.


In addition to the in-class curriculum, students are given the opportunity to volunteer for after school classes in Art, Drama, Dance and Band.



Choirs & Bands


It is now widely accepted that learning to play a musical instrument and performing in music ensembles is a powerful stimulant for personal and cognitive development. ln recognition of this, our College has an expert instrumental music coordinator on staff who is dedicated to the management of a comprehensive range of tuition and ensemble opportunities. A team of highly skilled professional tutors visit the College to provide expert tuition for most instruments. Currently group opportunities are provided for band and choral ensembles.


The vision for the College is to grow to provide an extensive range of opportunities which will include string ensembles, symphonic wind ensembles, jazz bands, mixed choirs, male vocal ensembles, percussion ensembles and rock bands. Performance opportunities include school based performances and community concerts.





Dance has existed as a vital part of every known culture throughout time. It is a distinct form of nonverbal communication that uses the body as an instrument of expression, articulating the culture and society from which it emerged. Dance exists today in many forms and is performed for a variety of purposes in differing contexts.


Dance involves the development of physical skill as well as aesthetic, artistic and cultural understanding. Learning in dance and learning through dance enables students to apply their own experiences to their study of dance. Students learn to express ideas creatively as they make and perform dances, and analyse dance as works of art. ln addition they think imaginatively and share ideas, feelings, values and attitudes while physically and intellectually exploring the communication of ideas through movement.


ln addition to dance being an extracurricular offering to all senior school students, the study of dance will be offered as a Year 9 elective in 2O17.



Visual Art


Visual Art provides opportunities for self expression through a variety of media. All students in the junior school engage in art lessons which nurture creativity and display student talent. ln addition to the class curriculum, students have the opportunity to participate in after school art each week. Art becomes an elective from Year 9 with specialist Art facilities provided.


Visual Art places great value on the development of students' intellectual and practical autonomy, reflective action, critical judgement and understanding of art in artmaking and in critical and historical studies of art. lt offers a wide range of opportunities for students to develop their own interests, to be self motivated and active learners who can take responsibility for and continue their own learning in school and post school settings.


Visual Art fosters interest and enjoyment in the making and studying of art. Visual Art builds understanding of the role of art, in all forms of media, in contemporary and historical cultures and visual worlds. ln contemporary societies many kinds of knowledge are increasingly managed through imagery and visual codes and much of students' knowledge is acquired in this way. Visual Art empowers students to engage in visual forms of communication.





Drama is an art form that is highly valued at the College. Numerous National Committees have recommended Drama as a compulsory area of learning to enhance self confidence, motivation, self esteem, and resilience.


Drama encourages a cooperative approach to exploring the world through enactment. The collaborative nature of drama engages students in a creative process of sharing, developing and expressing emotions and ideas. Devising, workshopping, rehearsing and performing occur for both individual and group performances. Drama students have opportunities to perform in front of audiences to showcase class work.


Drama fosters an understanding of continuity and change, and of the connections between different times and cultures. lt provides opportunities to explore social, cultural, ethical and spiritual beliefs, including the diverse values of Australian culture.


ln Drama, students can communicate in complex and powerful ways how they perceive the world. They can investigate, shape and symbolically represent ideas, interests, concerns, feelings, attitudes, beliefs and their consequences.


Prep to Year 8 students have classroom lessons in Drama. An after school Drama club operates each week. Students have the opportunity to choose Drama as an elective class from Year 9.





Music is a rich and engaging program of classroom and extra-curricular activities.  All students have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and participate in classroom music lessons.


At Mary MacKillop Catholic College we believe all students should have the opportunity to develop their musical abilities and potential. As an art form, music pervades society and occupies a significant place in world cultures and in the oral and recorded history of all civilisations. lt has a unique symbol system that uses sound to imply meaning and convey information, and has the capacity to cross cultural and societal boundaries. Music plays important roles in the social, cultural, aesthetic and spiritual lives of people. At an individual level, music is a medium of personal expression. lt enables the sharing of ideas, feelings and experiences.


From Year 9, Music is an elective that inspires students through the use of musical instruments and technology. A biennial College Musical provides a creative outlet for our talented musicians and actors. Through our College choirs, band, instrumental music lessons and highly dedicated staff, we have established strong foundations and a highly reputable music program.



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