Drama is an art form that is highly valued at the College. Numerous National Committees have recommended Drama as a compulsory area of learning to enhance self confidence, motivation, self esteem, and resilience.


Drama encourages a cooperative approach to exploring the world through enactment. The collaborative nature of drama engages students in a creative process of sharing, developing and expressing emotions and ideas. Devising, workshopping, rehearsing and performing occur for both individual and group performances. Drama students have opportunities to perform in front of audiences to showcase class work.


Drama fosters an understanding of continuity and change, and of the connections between different times and cultures. lt provides opportunities to explore social, cultural, ethical and spiritual beliefs, including the diverse values of Australian culture.


ln Drama, students can communicate in complex and powerful ways how they perceive the world. They can investigate, shape and symbolically represent ideas, interests, concerns, feelings, attitudes, beliefs and their consequences.


Prep to Year 8 students have classroom lessons in Drama. An after school Drama club operates each week. Students have the opportunity to choose Drama as an elective class from Year 9.