Visual Art


Visual Art provides opportunities for self expression through a variety of media. All students in the junior school engage in art lessons which nurture creativity and display student talent. ln addition to the class curriculum, students have the opportunity to participate in after school art each week. Art becomes an elective from Year 9 with specialist Art facilities provided.


Visual Art places great value on the development of students' intellectual and practical autonomy, reflective action, critical judgement and understanding of art in artmaking and in critical and historical studies of art. lt offers a wide range of opportunities for students to develop their own interests, to be self motivated and active learners who can take responsibility for and continue their own learning in school and post school settings.


Visual Art fosters interest and enjoyment in the making and studying of art. Visual Art builds understanding of the role of art, in all forms of media, in contemporary and historical cultures and visual worlds. ln contemporary societies many kinds of knowledge are increasingly managed through imagery and visual codes and much of students' knowledge is acquired in this way. Visual Art empowers students to engage in visual forms of communication.