Future Planning

The College has grown from small beginnings of a student population of 58 in 2003 to 645 students across P-9 in 2017. We are growing to become a P-12 educational enterprise by 2020. Our ultimate student population is planned to be in excess of 1400 students.


Currently the College operates three classes in each year from P-6. The senior school will over time expand to offer spaces for 150 students in each year from 7-12.


What does the expansion mean for my child?


Our junior school students are highly fortunate in having direct affiliation to senior schooling on the same site. The development as a P-12 College allows for opportunities that cannot be achieved in a stand alone primary or secondary school. Junior students have access to the facilities and specialised teachers, ordinarily only available in a secondary school.


Junior students also have the benefit of interacting with the senior students and teachers. This interaction not only occurs at the library, tuckshop and in the playground, but more formally through the House system and Student Representative Council. These interactions provide positive role models for junior students.


P-12 schooling enables a near seamless and stress free movement from primary to secondary education. Students moving to the senior school arrive already familiar with teachers, other students, the physical environment and many of the day to day procedures of the senior school.