Policies & Procedures

There are a number of procedures and policies employed throughout the school environment. These may be found within this section of the website.




Anti Bullying Policy


Our belief is that every person is born in the image and likeness of God and is therefore inherently good.


As a community of faith and life, in which the development of the whole person is our focus, we work in partnership with parents, caregivers and parish to provide a safe, happy and caring environment. We acknowledge that relationships must be nurtured, students must be taught how to interact positively with one another and instances of bullying must be addressed.


Our “No to Bullying” policy gives expression to the respect we have for human dignity, acceptance, inclusivity, justice, equality, compassion, care, right relationships and personal responsibility. It is through our words and actions that we co-create a school community of faith and life which is characterised by a happy, safe and caring environment that effectively deals with instances of bullying.


Download our Anti Bullying Policy to learn more.



Enrolment Policy


The aim of Mary MacKillop Catholic College is to create a community of faith in which the total development of the whole person is the focus. Mary MacKillop Catholic College works in partnership with parents and is committed to expressing Catholic identity and heritage.


This enrolment Policy reflects the College Vision statement, which is: "A place where life, love and learning are embraced and celebrated."


Mary MacKillop Catholic College’s enrolment policy gives expression to the following values which are inherent in the creation of a College community of faith, respect, acceptance, inclusivity, diversity and the nurturing of Catholic faith and personal spirituality.


Download our Enrolment Policy to learn more.



Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare Policy


Mary MacKillop Catholic School values the care and concern for the health, safety and welfare of people using school facilities. 


Dignity, safety and wellbeing of people are central to the Church’s teaching.

Mary MacKillop Catholic School acknowledges this and recognises that it is obligated under the Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 to ensure the health and safety of each of its workers at work. Additionally, it is obligated to ensure other persons are not exposed to risks to their health and safety arising out of the conduct of School business or undertaking.


The purpose of this policy is to assist in developing, promoting and maintaining a safe and healthy working and learning environment; and to provide a basis on which a sound occupational health and safety management system (OHSMS) is built. Through such properly established and implemented systems, students, staff, contractors and other persons with a legal right to be on school premises, will comply with the requirements of the Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995. 


Download our Occupational Health, Safety and Welfare Policy to learn more.



Pastoral Care Policy


At Mary MacKillop Catholic School every member of our community (staff, students and parents) has the right to be valued and respected, by being treated fairly and well. We aim to promote an environment where everyone feels happy, safe and secure.

Pastoral Care seeks to create a culture where:

  • each person is valued
  • inclusive relationships reflect uniqueness, empathy, compassion and mutual respect
  • Christ is experienced in each other
  • justice and dignity are nurtured.


Download our Pastoral Care Policy to learn more.

Privacy Statement 


Diocese of Toowoomba Catholic School's policies, procedures and guidelines



Student Management Policy


Student Management Plan


Student Management Policy



Student Protection Policy


The Mary MacKillop Catholic School Community expresses a strong belief in the dignity of the person, respect for each person and a shared responsibility for the care of others.


This policy exists to uphold the UN Charter of the Rights of the Child and a commitment by Mary MacKillop Catholic Primary to ensure that students, who are at risk of/or are experiencing ‘harm’ receive an immediate and appropriate response to their situation and are supported in addressing this most complex and sensitive issue. This response is, in the first instance, inspired by the belief that every student is made in the image of God and must be protected and treated with respect.


While parents are the primary educators of their children, this policy is an expression of our partnership with parents in providing for the safety and protection of all children. 


Download our Student Protection Policy to learn more.



Sun Smart Policy


Queensland has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Of all new cancers diagnosed in Australia each year, 80 per cent are skin cancers. Research indicates childhood sun exposure is an important contributing factor to the development of skin cancer in later life. Skin damage, including skin cancer, is the result of cumulative exposure to the sun. Research shows severe sunburn contributes to skin cancer and other forms of skin damage such as sunspots, blemishes and premature ageing. Most skin damage and skin cancer is therefore preventable.


With this in mind Mary MacKillop Catholic College realises the need to protect children’s skin and educate them about Sun Smart behaviour, thus reducing the risk of skin damage from exposure to the sun.


Given students are at school during peak ultraviolet radiation (UVR) times throughout the day, between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm, schools play a major role in both minimising a student’s UVR exposure and providing an environment where policies and procedures can positively influence student behaviour.


Our school recognises that winter sun also contributes to skin damage. This policy will therefore be implemented throughout the year. The purpose of this Sun Smart policy is to ensure all students attending our establishment are protected from the harmful effects of the sun throughout the year.


Download our Sun Smart Policy to learn more.




Uniform Code of Presentation


The Code of Presentation is a “Door to Door” policy. Students are required to wear the appropriate College uniform correctly from the time of departure from home each morning through until arrival home at the end of the day. Outside of College hours, students should either remain in their full uniform or out of it completely. The Principal reserves the right to exclude students who disregard these requirements.


The Code of Presentation also refers to requirement for hair, jewellery and other accessories.


2018 Uniform Code of Presentation




Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office Policies


The Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office provide schools with diocesan wide policies.


To access these policies, please click on the link below.


TCS Policies