Sun Smart Policy


Queensland has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Of all new cancers diagnosed in Australia each year, 80 per cent are skin cancers. Research indicates childhood sun exposure is an important contributing factor to the development of skin cancer in later life. Skin damage, including skin cancer, is the result of cumulative exposure to the sun. Research shows severe sunburn contributes to skin cancer and other forms of skin damage such as sunspots, blemishes and premature ageing. Most skin damage and skin cancer is therefore preventable.


With this in mind Mary MacKillop Catholic College realises the need to protect children’s skin and educate them about Sun Smart behaviour, thus reducing the risk of skin damage from exposure to the sun.


Given students are at school during peak ultraviolet radiation (UVR) times throughout the day, between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm, schools play a major role in both minimising a student’s UVR exposure and providing an environment where policies and procedures can positively influence student behaviour.


Our school recognises that winter sun also contributes to skin damage. This policy will therefore be implemented throughout the year. The purpose of this Sun Smart policy is to ensure all students attending our establishment are protected from the harmful effects of the sun throughout the year.


Download our Sun Smart Policy to learn more.