Principal's Welcome



Dear Parents


Our Patron Saint, St Mary MacKillop , was renowned for her tireless commitment, thankfulness, kindness, and unwavering trust in God. It is this same attitude that we hope to engender in the hearts and minds of all who pass through our College.


Mary MacKillop Catholic College operates as a centre of excellence, providing meaningful opportunities for our students to attain their personal bests in whatever endeavour pursued – whether this be academic, spiritual, pastoral, artistic or sporting. We trust that excellence will equally be recognised in the quality of the character of the alumni of our College.


Mary MacKillop Catholic College operates in an identifiably Christian culture, challenging young people to grow in a community modelling the Gospel values of faith, forgiveness, honesty, hope, justice, respect, tolerance and trust. We require all our students to take a sincere examination of religious issues in Religious Education classes and take part in all religious rituals, masses and retreats. Students are given opportunities to exercise leadership and service.


Our College promotes relationships based upon respect. This attitude of mutual respect is fundamental to the restorative approach taken by our staff to the management of students and to any situation of relationship difficulty.


It is clearly a most important decision when you choose a College for your sons and daughters. So much of later life, in terms of happiness, faith, values and adequate preparation can be affected by the schooling of your child. The vision of the unique character of Mary MacKillop Catholic College provided here may assist prospective families in making that decision.


God bless


Peter Murphy