Making Jesus Real

Making Jesus Real (MJR) is not a program. It is a way of life. Jesus’ way. It is centred on the mystery of the resurrection. MJR stresses that the ‘Spirit of Jesus’ lives in our hearts ‘in the now’ of our daily lives and focuses on how we live the Spirit of Jesus through our interaction with others. Jesus uses us as instruments to get His message of love and forgiveness across to others. We are His head, heart and hands in the world. How we present to others, should reflect the qualities of Jesus, those of inclusiveness, generosity, forgiveness and gratitude, always operating out of a positive framework. "You are the light of the world ... let your light shine before others." (Matthew 5:14-16) Every small act of friendliness and kindness reflects the Spirit of Jesus.
MJR is aligned with the Religious Education Curriculum and supports the Religious Life of the School. It is specifically linked to the Christian Life strand of the Brisbane Religious Education Curriculum adopted by the Toowoomba Diocese. The Make Jesus Real student workbook which Year 6 students journal in, is a book for life, one students can refer to in years to come.


Through MJR, students are taught the values of respect, honesty and trustworthiness, understanding, tolerance and inclusion. Gospel values of compassion, justice, humility and forgiveness are focused on. Focus on these values encourages students to develop their best selves, treat others fairly, be responsible for their actions, follow principles of moral and ethical conduct and stand up for others against bullying, whilst being connected to Jesus through others. 


MJR invites adults and students alike to get ‘switched on’ to, and be aware of, God’s presence by reflecting on our lives each day to see where God has been in our experiences. By reflecting for one minute each day on where the Spirit of Jesus was in our day, we can show gratitude, ‘Celebrate God in all things’ and stay connected to Jesus.


In 2017, the College will operate a peer support model for Making Jesus Real with students in Year 3 to Year 6. Students will meet each Wednesday in vertical groupings of up to twenty students. These groups are facilitated by Year 6 students and address a new focus each week. Students are challenged to live this focus in the coming week and to take this philosophy into their lives. All day, every day is a Make Jesus Real day!