Class & House System



Class System

Junior School


All classes in the junior school are grade based. There are three classes of students in each grade cohort. The class teacher holds prime responsibility for the pastoral care of each student in their class. The class teacher is the first point of contact for all communication with parents regarding their child.


Senior School

Pastoral class operates for the first thirty minutes of each day. These classes are vertically based, having students from each year group represented. The pastoral class teacher holds prime responsibility for the pastoral care of each student in their class.


House System


The College operates four colour houses. Each of the houses is named after something or someone associated with Mary MacKillop and the Sisters of St Joseph.


Cunningham (Red) - Sr Cunningham was one of five Sisters of St Joseph to respond to Bishop Quinn's request to establish a school in Brisbane. The sisters opened St Mary's School, South Brisbane in January 1870.


McCormack (Gold) - Sister Irene McCormack was a member of the Sisters of St Joseph who worked as a missionary in Peru. Whilst working there, she was executed in 1991 by members of Sendero Luminoso ("Shining Path"), a Maoist rebel guerrilla organisation. 


Penola (Blue) - In 1866, much encouraged by Fr Julian Tennison Woods,  Mary Mackillop founded the first St Joseph's School in a disused stable in the town of Penola.


Tennison (Green) - Fr Julian Tennison Woods was a Jesuit priest and advisor to Mary Mackillop. With Mary MacKillop he cofounded the Congregation of the Sisters of St Joseph.


Each child in the College is allocated to a house group. These house groupings are identified for sporting competitions such as swimming, athletics and cross country.


House groups also compete, through all forms of positive involvement and behaviour, to gain the annual House Trophy.