Counselling & Mentoring



Mary Mackillop Catholic College, considers each student's social and emotional wellbeing of great importance to their development into healthy young adults. In addition to supporting and encouraging resilience and well being within the classroom, we provide free and confidential counselling services to students and their families as required.


College counsellors are trained in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of adolescent mental health issues, and often provide support and intervention for young people experiencing behavioural problems and adjustment issues such as parental separation, peer conflict and self esteem.


College counsellors can also play a vital role in the identification of learning problems that may be impacting on a young person’s ability to achieve at their best. This may involve classroom observations, consultation with teaching staff, and psychological educational assessments to inform individualised learning plans.


College counsellors aim to work collaboratively with students, staff, families and the wider school community to support the development of motivated, successful and happy young people.


Junior students require parental permission to see the counsellor. They can be referred by parents, teachers and leadership staff as required. Secondary students can self refer, or be referred by parents or staff of the college. Parental permission and involvement is desirable, but not always required.


Confidentiality is strictly maintained except in the following instances:


  • Safety concerns
  • If notes are subpoenaed by a court of law
  • If it is deemed appropriate and agreed for a third party to be involved (such as the classroom teacher).